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Written by

A M Colman


She soon finds out that her friends have different feelings about their hair too.

Leah doesn’t always like having her hair done.

Join Leah as she discovers that it’s great to be different.


My son’s school read the book to a Year 2 class, one of the girls is having an identity problem about her hair and colour. The teacher said that it is helping her to understand more.

Parent & Headteacher, South East London


Written by

A M Colman

Join Leah to develop those creative abilities and build on those special skills which make each child unique.

Perfect for children aged 2-7, they’ll have great fun with this inspirational book based on the popular children’s book by A M Colman.

This awesome colouring book features 11 characters who come from different cultures and have different skills.

Each page asks children to also share what they are good at or what skills they are learning.

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