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A M Colman

Perfect for children aged 2-7, they’ll have great fun with this inspirational book based on the popular children’s book by A M Colman.

This awesome colouring book features 11 characters who come from different cultures and have different skills.

Each page asks children to also share what they’re good at or what skills they are learning.

Builds hand-eye coordination

Helps to develop fine motor skills and build on early mark making and hand writing


Provides a platform to discuss and explore diversity and inclusion


Early learning of letters and numbers


Positive images challenge stereotypes and help children develop a healthy world view


Join Leah to develop those creative abilities and build on those special skills which make each child unique.


Our colouring book encourages children to explore their creativity, develop a positive self-image, and prepare them for the next stage in their learning as they develop their mark making skills, language and literacy.

Published in paperback   RRP £5.00   ISBN 978-1-83840-911-1

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