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Kids Reading Outdoor

Angelbooks provides a series of books and training encouraging adults and children to explore text and life together.


Children’s books not only reflect but celebrate ‘Diversity’, ‘Identity’ and ‘Culture’ as expressed in our world to develop a healthy world view.

Our mission and passion is to promote and raise an awareness  of the wonderful diverse range of books and resources available to children from all walks of life and all ranges of abilities.


Our purpose is to enable children to:

Reach their full potential

Value their individual identity

Build their confidence and celebrate who they are


Recognise that all children are special

Understand and invest in the wider world


Understand that no child is alone

their culture, diversity and abilities are unique.

An good example could be in supporting children in third world countries through charitable organisations such as the ‘Seeds of Hope Project’ a ‘Buy a Book & Give Scheme​’

Our website provides a range of useful resources including free downloads, links and information to support children’s learning.


Gain access to our resources by simply joining our mailing list and signing-up for news.


Enjoying text and pictures starts from birth and grows right throughout our life. Whether you are escaping, developing your imagination, learning about life or developing a love for reading/ books are key.

We learn at different rates and stages. Angelbooks aim to encourage all readers, from adults who have just learnt to read to children who love hearing and reading stories over and over again.

​Our Ethos is

‘Have Fun and Love to Learn’

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